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Week 3 (April 22) Commotion in the Ocean



Playlist with addition videos:


Playlist with only Miss Elizabeth’s videos:

Additional Movement Activities: 



Is anyone else feeling like last week was a little rough? Things are feeling a little monotonous for us at our house right now. There is very little that turns a bad day around like a family dance party. Turn on your family's favorite music and just let loose! 

To build an enrichment activity with older kids around a family dance party watch this mini-documentary about hula dancing together:

 After watching you could talk about where your family came from and see if you can find any videos about dances from your family’s place of origin AND/OR you could talk about how dances from different cultures incorporate movements that have meaning or tell a story from where and how those people lived. 

If you were going to make a family dance right now what would it look like? What does our geographical landscape look and feel like (mountains, rivers, spring time, earthquakes, etc.). Covid-19 is something our entire world is dealing with right now, how are we as a people and our families facing that challenge and overcoming it? What movements would we put in our family dance to represent that?What music would you choose that helps tell that story? 


Below are really great little mini-documentaries about hula (Disclaimer: I didn’t find anything that would keep me from showing these to my kids, but please screen these yourself first  to make sure you don’t feel the traditional hula dress is too revealing for your family). They aren't created for young children, but your family might enjoy watching together: 


Men’s warrior dance:\


Women;s hula:




One of our family’s favorite activities is to play “beach”. We get out a couple blankets that can represent sand and water and pull out swimsuits and towels. Kids will naturally incorporate a lot of gross movement play as they jump, splay, swim and enjoy a day at the “beach”. 


Under the sea Yoga video:



Process-Art Ocean Painting:


Jelly Fish Craft (this is one of MANY ways you could make jelly fish using supplies around your house):


Ocean animal racing pages:


Shark Hat:

Create an 'O is for octopus' or 'J is for jellyfish' page:

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