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Week 4--Three Parts

Props needed: two cups; I used plastic red solo cups. In the video I said that they needed five, but I only ended up using 2. 

 I have designed this week in 3 parts (each 15-18 minutes). These "parts" can be done all together in one session OR they can be used independently, in any order, so you can break it up and do "mini" dance lessons at different times. 



Playlist with addition videos:


Playlist with only Miss Elizabeth’s videos:

Additional Movement Activities: 


Mystery cup—find objects that fit into a cup, pull one out at a time and use those as inspiration for a freeze dance movement

Cup relay or obstacle courses—Set up cups like cones for children to run around, jump over, crawl through, etc.

Bubble wrap pop—Have you done any online shopping and ended up with some sort of plastic bubble packaging lately? Save it and when you little one needs something to do pull it out for your child to jump/run/roll on it.  With any plastic packaging be sure to watch out for any choking or suffocation hazards.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Yoga:




This post had several fun butterfly/hungry caterpillar ideas that I loved:

Official Eric Carle Printables:

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