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Week 5 Bedtime Class

Props needed: blanket and pillow (note: if child dances on hard floor a pillow and blanket might be too slippery. If you have a yoga mat or a smaller non-slip rug that is clean for them to crawl, jump or roll on that might be better for some activities or that they can put their pillow/blankie on so they don’t slip and fall.



Playlist with addition videos:


Playlist with only Miss Elizabeth’s videos:

Additional Movement Activities: 


Bedtime Scavenger hunt: hide child’s PJs and Bedtime story and have them look—play hot and cold if they are having a hard time finding them


Bedtime Snuggle: take an opportunity to snuggle up and/or rock your child before bed tonight



Printable bedtime shadow puppet story:

One of our family’s favorite bedtime podcast, great for when you need a break and don’t want to use a screen . . . again ;):

Guided relaxation script source:

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