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Scholarship Nomination

Every year I grant at least one need-based scholarship to a little dancer. If you or someone you know may benefit from that opportunity please fill out the form below. My hope is that at least one little one will get the opportunity to dance that otherwise would not have that opportunity. It will not be publicly announced which child is getting a scholarship so only the family of the child and I will know.


Please fill out the form below with your nomination. You can nominate your own child/family. Here is a little bit more information:

  • There will be no need to prove financial need—it will be on the honor system. The guideline is that without the scholarship the family would not otherwise put their child in dance or other extracurricular activities due to financial hardship

  • The family of the child will be responsible for transpiration to and from dance classes as well as clothing for dance classes (leotard and tights/leggings for girls, t-shirt and athletic shorts for boys—no shoes required).

  • The family would have to commit to bring their child for the entire school year to dance class once a week as well as have the child participate in the recital.

  • Registration fee and recital fee will be covered by me so there will be no expenses besides dance clothing.

Thanks! Message sent.