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Note about this week: I tried out a mic and it ended up cutting in and out. I ended up re-filming a lot, but tried to keep what was still usable, although it does still come in and out at times. 



Playlist with other videos intermixed with Miss Elizabeth’s:

Playlist with only Miss Elizabeth’s Videos:


We weren’t able to read the entire book in the video, here are the pages we missed in case your child would like to see and dance to them: 
































































Here is a video of someone reading the entire  book:

Movement activity of the week:

The ground is lava!

Set up pillows, blankets and cushions to jump, leap and hop onto to avoid touching the hot lava below. Try spreading objects apart, or only using one hand and one foot to get from place to place. 

Other gross motor and sensory activities and printables:


Dinosaur movement cards:

Dinosaur movement dice:

Dinosaur sensory activity ideas:



Arts and craft Ideas:

Dinosaur Spike Headband Craft:

3D Dinosaur craft/coloring page:

Dinosaur coloring pages:

D is for dinosaur printable craft:

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